Direct Hire


Whether you “work to live” or “live to work,” Kennison and Associates recognizes the central role your job plays in your life. As we endeavor to find you the perfect next step in your career, we are guided by our core values of Experience, Service and Integrity.

Kennison’s placement consultants are among the most experienced in Boston. Our average consultant has over 20 years of industry experience! This means you will be represented by someone with the maturity to understand the nuances of your particular search, and the experience to guide and counsel you throughout the process. Check out our Meet our Staff page to learn more about our team.

We appreciate how busy your life is. Most of our candidates are already working full time jobs and don’t have the time to interview for positions that are not a match for their financial and professional goals. We represent such a wide range of opportunities that you will never feel pressure to consider a role that isn’t the perfect fit for you. Please check out our Job Board to get a sense of the scope of positions we fill.

Finally, because of our exceptional reputation, the Direct Hire Placement Division at Kennison and Associates can broker your access to the finest firms in greater Boston. Many of these companies are so sought after that they chose not to advertise on job boards or source through LinkedIn and other social media sites. The companies that work exclusively with Kennison are the companies you want to work for!

We look forward to leveraging our years of experience on your behalf. Please submit your resume today in order to access Boston’s finest firms.