In addition to gaining invaluable professional experience at some of the most prestigious
companies in the Boston area, Kennison temps are eligible for the following benefits:

Free computer training

Kennison & Associates will offer self-directed tutorials and training sessions on a variety of programs. If you are a current temporary employee of Kennison and would like access to a training program, please contact our Temporary Division at 617-478-2222.


Temp of the Month Program

Temps who meet the requirements of the “Temp of the Month” program will be eligible to receive a $50 gift card. Each month, one temp will be selected from the pool of qualified candidates to receive the bonus. This temp will also be featured on the Kennison website.


Resume assistance & interview tips

All temps will receive tips on how to improve their resume and their interview skills.


Direct Deposit

Kennison offers a direct deposit service for your paychecks. If you would like to sign up, please contact your representative for instructions. If you elect not to participate in the direct deposit service, you will still have the option to have your check held at our office or mailed to you.

Earned Sick Time

Temporary employees will qualify for paid sick time in accordance with the Massachusetts Earned Sick Time Law.


Holiday Pay

Based on their length of service, actively employed Kennison temps can qualify for the following paid holidays: Patriots Day, Independence Day, Columbus Day, and New Years Day.


Referral Bonus

Temps who have completed an assignment with Kennison can qualify for a $50 bonus if they refer an applicant to Kennison and that applicant works 80 hours.


Request Back Bonus

Temps can qualify for a $25 bonus if they complete an assignment for one of Kennison’s clients and the client requests them back for three days or longer.


Commuter Reimbursement

Temps working 140 hours or more per month can qualify for a non-taxable $75 commuter reimbursement benefit.

*Please see our Temporary Employee Benefits Sheet for more details